Winter Wildlife Eagle Cruises

Get an unobstructed winter view of migrating bald eagles and more on RiverQuest’s Winter Wildlife Eagle Cruises along the Connecticut River. As the river, lakes and ponds to our north freeze, eagles make their way to the lower CT River for their favorite food – FISH. Watch the birds as they hunt for fish or just perch in trees. Use your own binoculars, or borrow a pair from the boat. There is a heated cabin on board but the best views are outside on the deck. So be sure to bundle up! This is the RiverQuest’s 17th year providing the eagle cruises. In the past they have spotted up to a record 41 eagles. Other wildlife spotted include grebes, fox, swans, mergansers, gulls, loons, coyote, deer, many hawk species, seals, and a bobcat. Naturalists are on board to narrate and make sure you do not miss a thing!

Eagle in winter


Cruises depart from the Connecticut River Museum in Essex and are about two hours long. Admission to the entire museum and the special Eagles of Essex exhibit is included. How about a Winter Wildlife Eagle Cruise Package at the Riverwind Inn and RiverQuest’s Winter Wildlife Eagle Cruises. What a combination to chase away those winter blues!